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8 Best Hypoallergenic Dogs for Busy Family Members

Are you afraid that you’re too busy to get a dog? If your entire family is mostly out during the day for work or school, you can still get a furry pet. However, you have to be very specific with the breed. What you should get is a dog that can be left alone for hours as well as one that doesn’t shed too much. In this post, we listed eight breeds that you can consider to find the best hypoallergenic dog for busy family.

Remember that each dog is different from the other. Still, they have predispositions that training can’t defeat. You can utilize this fact in finding a doggo that won’t mind being at home alone for long.

Can I still have a dog if I’m too busy?

We’ve met a lot of aspiring dog owners who are so bent to get a dog. However, they are half-hearted because their family is very busy. Sure thing, a dog is a responsibility, and you have to be fully prepared before bringing home one. But if you want to adopt or buy one, you have to avoid some breeds.

You can still have a dog even if you or your family is busy. We always recommend low-maintenance dogs. These are canines that can stay happy and calm even without a company. Also, it’s a big plus point if the dog is low-shedding and drools very little. You’ll be spared from the extra grooming time.

The key here is developing a routine with your new dog and sticking to it. Take note that a short walk every morning before you go to work will make a big difference. And as a part of the family, you should schedule a bonding time with your dog.

Take note that any dog, regardless of how independent, should be trained first before being left alone. This is to combat any negative behavior that may proliferate while they are at home. A few simple drills a day before dinner would be great. You can also tap the help of professional trainers.

The thing about hypoallergenic dogs

Why hypoallergenic, you ask? The logic here is simple. Dog breeds dubbed as hypoallergenic sheds very little, and they don’t drool as much as other breeds do. This translates to less grooming time and cleaning at home. Aside from that, being hypoallergenic is a big plus for your family if anyone has allergies.

Still, just because a dog is hypoallergenic doesn’t mean you no longer have to bathe and brush them. Daily brushing is still needed, and bathing can be done in long intervals.

However, you should know that no dog is completely hypoallergenic. What you’ll have to find is the one that sheds the least dander. Dander is the flakes of dead skin that can go airborne and trigger asthma attacks and allergies if inhaled.

Best Hypoallergenic Dog for Busy Family – Top 8

1.     Kyi-Leo

best hypoallergenic dog for busy family
Photo Credits – Dogtime

Although not a popular choice, the Kyi-Leo dog has a big similarity to the Maltese breed. It’s actually a mixed breed between Lhasa Apso and Maltese, which is why they have the independence of a Lhasa Apso and the hypoallergenic characteristics of a Maltese.

The Kyi-Leo breed also goes by the name Maltese Lion Dogs. It’s also easy to find this mixed breed on shelters, so always consider adopting.

Kyi-Leo is a very adaptable pet that can be left alone for long hours. They are also affectionate pooches, though they are aloof of strangers.

Take note that this bred isn’t the easiest to train. They are playful and get easily distracted by their mouthiness. Still, their low-shedding characteristics offset this minor issue.

If you are living in an apartment, the Kyi-Leo dog is also a good choice. However, you need to train it to dampen its affinity to barking.

2.     Miniature Schnauzer

best hypoallergenic dog for busy family

Miniature Schnauzers are known for their outgoing temperament. They are goofy dogs with a personality that’s twice bigger than their bodies. This doggo will surely make you laugh with their humor and walrus mustache.

This breed is also the best hypoallergenic dog for busy family due to its independence. Miniature Schnauzers don’t mind spending several hours alone at home. They can even thrive in an apartment setting and not as noisy as Kyi-Leo canines.

Aside from that, Mini Schnauzers are low shedders, and they don’t drool. They are fairly easy to groom, though you have to get the right brush to manage its wiry fur.

Just take note that Miniature Schnauzers aren’t advisable if you have young kids. This breed also hates living with other dogs, though they are affectionate to their masters.

Overall, Mini Schnauzers are easy to train, though they have a strong prey drive.

3.     Boston Terrier

best hypoallergenic dog for busy family

If you’re looking for a smaller breed that’s safe for kids, you’ll never go wrong with the Boston Terrier. Dubbed as the American Gentleman, Boston Terriers have a black and white coat that looks like they are wearing a tux.

Boston Terriers can be trained to be tolerant of being alone. They are also the perfect apartment pet, especially if you don’t have much space for a large doggo.

This breed is a sweetheart, and they welcome almost anyone. They are also great with kids and are fairly easy to train.

Unlike Frenchies, Boston Terriers don’t drool, and it doesn’t shed a lot. They are the easiest to groom, too. However, if there’s one downer about this breed, it would be their affinity to wandering around the neighborhood. You must lock all doors and windows as Boston Terriers can be escape artists too.

4.     Maltese

best hypoallergenic dog for busy family

For those looking for a small and fluffy doggo, Maltese might be a great choice. It’s known for its noble gait as well as its flowy white hair. However, don’t be fooled by its majestic appearance. This doggo is a ball of energy who loves playing around.

Maltese dogs are great companion pets. Although many Maltese are Velcro dogs, they can be trained to become more independent. This breed is an intelligent dog, so you can make the most out of their energy during training.

Overall, Maltese dogs are friendly and affectionate. However, they seem to dislike other dogs and may not tolerate roughhousing with kids.

Maltese dogs aren’t heavy shedders, and they don’t drool. This is the reason why they are one of the top options for families with allergies.

5.     Peekapoo

Photo Credits – PetGuide

Peekapoos are companion dogs who love cozying on their owner’s side. Still, on days when your family is busy, this breed won’t mind being left alone for a few hours. Peekapoos are very protective of their families, and they can be defensive against other canines.

The biggest advantage with this dog is it doesn’t shed and drool. They are also easy to groom, not to mention that they can live in a small apartment setting. Still, you should give this dog daily walks to burn their extra energy and to curb too much barking while you’re away.

Another good thing about Peekapoos is they suit first-time owners. Their energy level is manageable, though they always appreciate a nice playtime.

However, we recommend training a Peekapoo first as they tend to be noisy. They also love mouthing things which can be fixed with a chew toy.

6.     Lhasa Apso

Photo Credits – Dogtime

Lhasa Apso dogs originated in Tibet, where they were bred to guard monasteries. This gave them an independent mindset, which is suitable for the best hypoallergenic dog for busy family.

Lhasa Apso dogs are small canines, but you should never underestimate their will. They are energetic pooches that love lots of playtimes and walking around the neighborhood.

Still, they will settle down and guard your place when the entire family is away. They will stick to their post, so expect that Lhasa Apso dogs will be aloof and defensive against strangers.

Overall, Lhasa Apso dogs are affectionate canines to their masters and considerate children. They can live with another dog as long as the second pooch is introduced to them at a young age.

Moreover, this breed sheds a little more than other hypoallergenic breeds, but they are still on the low shedding spectrum. 

7.     Basset Fauve de Bretagne

Photo Credits – American Kennel Club

The Basset Fauve de Bretagne is a breed that came from France. It’s a purebred dog known for its intelligence and the great aspects of a hound canine. These are small pooches that, although hounds, can still live happily inside an apartment.

The Basset Fauve de Bretagne loves doing its own thing while the family is away. You can also utilize their strong sense of smell through a scavenger hunt. You can hide smelly treats around the house, which your dog will spend time looking for.

This breed is low shedding and surprisingly low-drooling for a hound. They are also hardy dogs with no strong predispositions for various diseases.

Overall, the Basset Fauve de Bretagne is affectionate even to kids and other canines. However, they are watchful of strangers and can be overprotective at times.

Another great thing about this breed is it’s very easy to groom. They also have a manageable energy level.

8.     Basenji

Last but not the least, we have the so-called ‘barkless’ dogs – the Basenji. The Basenji breed is a hunting dog that originated from Africa. They are sighthounds who can get very hooked to a moving object.

This breed has a strong will, which is why they don’t mind being left alone. They are also great for apartments because they rarely bark. Also, they are low-shedders and might be a good match for allergy sufferers.

Basenji dogs are very affectionate canines. They welcome everyone, even strangers. Aside from that, their thin coat is easy to groom, and they aren’t prone to obesity.

Training can be a little challenging with this doggo as they like chewing and going after a target. But with enough exercise, you can burn the extra energy, which will help the doggo focus.

How to keep dogs entertained while you’re away

If you’re busy at work and leaving your dog behind, you have to make sure that they are entertained. This is the case even if you have a doggo that doesn’t mind being left behind. Keeping the pooch occupied will prevent the formation of bad behavior as well as destructive habits.

The following are some of the helpful tips in keeping your pooch busy while you’re also busy at work:

1.     Leave the TCV on

If your doggo isn’t a chewer, you can leave the TV on so the pooch will have something to get busy at. We recommend playing an Animal Planet show so your dog will stay hooked on the sights and sounds.

2.     Let them look at the window

While you have to ensure that all your doors and windows are locked, you should pull the curtain away in one of your windows. This way, your doggo can cozy by the window and watch as people go by. Many dogs like this pastime.

3.     Give them lots of toys

Another great distraction for dogs is chew toys. You can buy a toy with a hollow middle that you can fill with treats. We recommend giving one to two toys at once so you can cycle the toys over the days.

4.     Keep the dog calm

Some dogs relax at the scent of lavender oil. However, it’s not for every pooch, so make sure that you check with the vet first. Some pet owners would give relaxing chews to their dog to alleviate barking problems.

5.     Consider getting another pooch

Some dogs thrive in the presence of another canine. It’s like giving your pooch a permanent playmate. Still, we recognize that not everyone can handle another dog at home.


The best hypoallergenic dog for busy family is an independent dog that is also good for your allergies. Make sure that the breed you’re getting suits your personality and the place where you’re living. Even though these doggos are additional responsibility, they provide the best company and love. What do you think of these breeds? Have you found the one to bring home? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section!

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