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In this blog, we aim to widen your pet options so you can get the right one to suit your personality, allergies, and pet owning capabilities. Most of all, we promote responsible and informed pet ownership.


Learn How to Take Care of a Bunny

So getting a pet bunny for yourself or your child is part of your list, but you want to know everything before fully committing yourself in your potential pet. Many people are commonly mistaken about bunny being a low-maintenance pet. But the truth is that cuddly pets have the potential …
Best Pets Dogs

Top 10 Hypoallergenic Guard Dogs

Before diving straight into the hypoallergenic guard dogs, let’s first talk about hypoallergenic dogs in general. These dogs are those breeds that tend to be more compatible with people who have allergies. On the other hand, despite the emerging popularity of this kind of dogs, researchers say that there is …

Best Dogs for Children.

Are you planning to adopt a dog, but still can’t decide because you have children at home? If you are still wondering, about the thought of what is the best dog small breed for children it depends on your household’s activity, living situation and family energy. Generally, it’s undeniable with …