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As pet owners, we know that not all of us can own all cat or dog breeds. Some of us have allergies and sensitivities to certain animals. This is the reason why we started the Hypoallergenic Pet Breeds blog. We aim to widen your pet options so you can get the right one to suit your personality, allergies, and pet owning capabilities.

In this blog, we talk about various pets: dogs, cats, bunnies, lizards, and every pet you can think of. This way, you can decide if a certain pet is the right choice for you. Everything that we share here is based on our personal experiences as pet owners.

We also review Amazon products that we personally tested. Through this, you can get the right supplies for your chosen pet.

Most of all, we promote responsible and informed pet ownership. As much as getting a new pet is exciting, you have to ensure that you are prepared. We also help you deal with pet allergies if you happen to have one.

If you have topics or suggestions that you want us to write about, feel free to contact us here. You can also comment your ideas and reactions on our post.

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