Best Dogs for Children.

Are you planning to adopt a dog, but still can’t decide because you have children at home? If you are still wondering, about the thought of what is the best dog small breed for children it depends on your household’s activity, living situation and family energy. Generally, it’s undeniable with a dog that has a friendly character, gentle and soft attitude, trainable character, and the potential to stay along with the rest of your family.

You can find those characters coming from an extensive selection of breeds of dog. So the question falls on how do you settle on the right breed of dog? 

Your youngster will also benefit from learning how to interact respectfully and safely with animals. Also, don’t forget to make a family schedule for playing, feeding, walking and grooming! With sweet, loving dog breeds like on what’s on the list, your squad won’t be able to imagine life without their favorite canine pal.

Here’s a quick rundown as you explore family dog breeds and remember that the best dogs for children are much exclusive to you and your child’s needs.

Factors to Consider when Finding For a Child-Friend Dogs


Some dogs love to run, play and ramble; while others are glad to skip for sweet cuddles on the sofa. Naturally, the best breed of dogs for your kiddos will still differ depending on your family, so you need to consider regardless if your family of children is looking for a furry snuggle hug or a hiking buddy for a great adventure.

Care Requirements

But first, have these things come across your mind; like a regular vaccine, grooming and checkups? Who will walk the dogs? Try to think about your potential dog’s care needs and regardless if your family can meet the requirements or not before committing to that adorable furry pet.


Does your family love giggles? Different dogs are diverse in characteristics too, and your potential dog should fit in right away together with your children’s other family members.


Small dogs are more delicate, and possibly more comfortable around toddlers and more careful kids. Some very large dogs may be perfectly at home as a play crew, but they require walks regularly or outside the yard to frolic in. You need to be sure about the situation of your family, to guarantee the size of your potential new pet will match.

It’s safe to say that most small dogs are cute, and some of them are too cuddly, but you need to understand that not all small breeds of dogs have a gentle character. Similar to people, small dog breeds come with so many attitudes.

Got all of that? Now it’s time to know a few breeds that will give you not just overload cuteness but a perfect pair of companionship. 

The Best Small Breed Dogs 

So before you choose your small-framed buddy, it’s not a bad thing to know closely what you’re getting.

Skye Terrier

If you have a cat in your home, this is not a dog to consider having, as they have an aversion to those of the catlike persuasion. However, the Skye Terrier is tremendously reliable, they get along with other people, and are great as a family pet too. Also, it is a great dog for passionate outdoorsmen.


If you are looking for a good watchdog and a companion, a Pekingese is your perfect dog to have, a small, aggressive, and fierce dog but a faithful one. Its thick primer and coarse overcoat require daily grooming. So, it is something that you need to consider. 

Bichon Frisé

The small-framed Bichon Frisé gets along well together even with other animals and especially to children. They became famous because of their name and white puffy coat. The Bichon Frisé breeds are very active, and they are a very trainable dog. Generally, a fantastic small dog breed is perfect for families and to individuals alike.


The Dachshund makes an exceptional watchdog. This kind of breed is also great to wipe out pests! They are very clingy to the owner (perfect for your children as a buddy) and family members. However, they can be belligerent around unfamiliar faces. The adventurous, curious and brave Dachshund also loves chasing games, digging, hunting, and tracing by smell.

Shih Tzu

These furry babies require daily grooming, while it does not shed. The Shih Tzu, also well-known as the “mini lion,” is also making the list for the best family dogs. They are very friendly and easy to get along and mingle with all other humans (even to your children).

Jack Russell Terrier

If you are looking for a peaceful dog that loves to lie around and be pampered throughout the day, do not choose this kind of dog. The Jack Russell Terrier is a very active type that loves to roam around, lead a generally energetic jump up on furnishings, and creates a happy being. However, it requires extensive proper training to make the dog calmer.


For those with allergies and still want a pet, this is the best pick of a good dog for you. The Maltese are very friendly, so your kids and even adults will enjoy this inside your home. But it frequently gets along well with other breeds of dogs and even with cats. The Maltese are clingy; they don’t want to be left alone too much in time, though, Maltese was bred as a buddy dog.


It may look as meek; though the small-bodied Chihuahua can throw in an attitude. They are barking continually at strange dogs. Chihuahua is a good watchdog. However, they are also loud and can be demanding. But before you say no to the Chihuahua that is very loyal and loving to its owner, they can get along with your children and another family member. After an adjustment stage, they can also get well along with cats.

Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is a great family dog, very friendly and above all, they bond well with your children. Another plus factor is that it doesn’t need a regular grooming basis. But keep in mind; it loves to chew on household stuff, so it requires lots of munch toys to suffice its chewing habits. You should most likely keep away and store properly anything that might get destroyed by the Boston Terrier.


The Pomeranian is a very charming, calm and very gentle dog, but at times it can also get loud (just like kids). As a mere fact, if you want to have a Pomeranian, it is perfect for children, as long as you introduced the Pomeranian as a puppy. 


Steadfastly silly and effortlessly to train, Pugs are gaining a good reputation as one of the best small dogs for children. They are sturdy and patient, but Pugs don’t take themselves too seriously.

What you need to watch out about Pugs is their short noses; you need to be extra careful with Pugs during extreme heat season. Generally, they may also snore and gasp.

French Bulldog

Sturdy, fat and friendly, these puppies are famous for their playful attributes and snort-inducing tricks.

French Exercise requires minimal grooming, however, due to their shorter nose; you should take care of them in extremely hot weather like the Pugs. Those charming facial wrinkles should need regular cleaning using a damp cloth.


These delicate dogs are fond of training excitedly. They are pleasant, exuberant and very tender with children.

Good to Know: Consider a Papillon, if you want for small dog breeds for your older children, as very young children might have the complete knowledge on how to properly handle and take care of their fragile bodies.=


The Havanese is once a pet of the Cuban elite group. They are perfect as a companion and also considered as one of the best small dogs categories for the family with children. They can easily catch up with training, loving and strong for his short build.

However, this kind of pup needs regular brushing for at least 2-3 times a week and regular grooming as they have a hypoallergenic coat.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles is longing for friendship, and they demonstrate it by showing an eager-to-please manner. They are very good with other pets and welcoming to anyone they meet.

Just a reminder. These Cavalier King Charles dogs don’t require a broad exercise, but they do love to snuffle, play, and explore outside on a timely basis.

When you welcome your new pet into your family, expect everyone to give your pup with constant, loving, and training as well. As you can see, there are still a lot of small dogs that will suit all your lifestyles and tastes; it’s all a matter of what you desire especially for your children.

However, there are small dog breeds that purebreds have been crossbred for many years, leading to a variety of inborn defects. So if you decide to pick up a solid canine pal, you need to find a reliable breeder.

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